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Our Empower programme reduces sexual violence and exploitation across London. We deliver intensive support and education programmes for young people affected by sexual exploitation, combined with high quality training and advice for the adults involved in their care.  We also specialise in sexual exploitation work in the context of gang related violence, with support provided by our skilled, experienced staff and volunteers.

How we work

We believe it is essential to prevent sexual violence and exploitation as well as to provide support for young women who have experienced it. Our Empower programme delivers group education prevention courses for young women and young men, training for professionals who work with young people, workshops for parents/carers and intensive one to one support for young women who have been sexually exploited. Our work with young men on the group education programme is innovative and essential if young people’s attitude towards relationships is to change.

Safer London works with local authorities, schools, the police, families and communities to raise awareness of sexual violence and exploitation, enable the identification of young women who may be at risk and to develop a comprehensive support package that ensures young people are safe from harm. 

The programme aims to develop young people’s understanding of healthy relationships, to improve their self esteem and resilience and to provide them with the tools to increase their safety. 

Our impact

Our internal monitoring and independent external evaluation demonstrate that our programme is making a positive difference to young people’s lives. Over the past year we have directly supported over 1,000 young people and positively impacted on over 1,500 young people’s lives, through our advice and support service. Of the young women who received our intensive 1:1  support: 

  • 90% increased their confidence
  • 100% stated they have an improved understanding of healthy  relationships
  • 95% stated they now understand the meaning of consent
  • 95% stated they now have strategies to keep themselves safe
  • 85% increased their coping strategies
  • and 77% young women were supported in relation to disclosures and safeguarding

We would like to thank our funders and partners for their commitment to this work.

Young People's experiences of Empower: